Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Last Week In Wake Forest

With our house selling a week before Zane's job ended, we needed somewhere to stay.  We were looking into a hotel when a few different families asked us to stay with them.  I was a little nervous about staying with friends, just in case our kids didn't transition well, but it was the best week we could have had before moving!  We stayed with some sweet friends (Chase and Anna) and our kids did great (and slept well every night)!!

Ashlyn, Anna, and I went and got our nails done one night.  Anna has been my pedicure buddy while in Wake Forest so it was a great chance to get one last pedicure with her.  Ashlyn has never been to a nail salon before, but asked to come along every time Anna and I would go.  I figured it would be a great time for her to come with us.  She loved getting her fingernails painted!
Anna loves s'mores, so I taught her how I used to make s'mores indoors when we had a gas oven:
Everyone seemed to enjoy them!
Our week was very busy with last minute appointments and activities but we were very grateful that we got to have a few final playdates before moving!  One day, we met Rebecca, Charlie, and Henry at the park.  It was very hot outside and I thought it was so sweet when this police officer came riding around, passing out cold water bottles to people.  
And stickers for the kids:
We had an amazing last few days with Chase and Anna!  We played Wii, went out for meals, cooked dinners together, stayed up late watching tv after the kids went to bed, enjoyed the s'mores, and just spent a lot of time laughing together!  We are so thankful for these great friends who let us live with them and invade their space!    :)
And before leaving town, we got to have one last lunch with Chase, Anna, Jonathan, and Sally.  This last day in Wake Forest was also Brayden's birthday, so we were able to celebrate that at lunch as well.  We already miss so many of our great friends in North Carolina!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Closing Day - Fun in Raleigh

We were very excited (and a little nervous) when closing day finally approached.  We have obviously bought a house, but had never been on the selling end.  We decided to take all 3 kids with us and just prayed it wouldn't take hours.  Luckily, it took about 5 minutes!  After signing our papers, we decided to do some fun activities around Raleigh while we waited for our closing check.  We went bowling, ate some lunch, and visited the mall.  It ended up being a good day, and one more step closer to our big move!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

4th of July

We loved taking a break from packing to enjoy the 4th of July with friends!  Chase and Anna had us over for dinner, along with Jonathan, Sally, G.W., and Taylor.  We had so much fun!