Friday, September 9, 2016

Las Vegas - Part 1

We were all so excited to have the opportunity to fly to visit family this summer.  Zane and I have a lot of family and friends living in Arizona, including our parents, so this was a great time to see everyone.  We decided to take the train to the airport to avoid paying crazy parking fees while we were gone for a couple weeks.  The kids loved this:
We made it to the airport, got through security, then waited for our plane.  Brayden had never flown before and Bryson and Ashlyn hadn't flown in over 6 years so they were all full of anticipation and excitement!
We knew we were landing in Las Vegas late at night so Zane and I decided to stay a night in Vegas before driving to Lake Havasu.  We woke up and let the kids swim for a while.
We had plans for an early lunch at a big buffet in Vegas so we let the kids have a small (unhealthy) snack for breakfast.  Really we just used some of the snacks that were in our carry on bags:
After our quick "breakfast", we drove over to the M&M World to show the kids some of the fun places that Zane and I remember from all our visits to Vegas:
There were so many M&M options so we had to narrow it down and let Bryson and Ashlyn each pick out 2 kinds:
There were street performers everywhere, which Bryson thought was so cool!
After M&M World and the Coca Cola building, we headed across the street to the Hershey store:
This store had the Statue of Liberty made out of licorice and another made out of chocolate:
And their wall of Jolly Ranchers was huge:
After spending the morning around Vegas, it was time to get some lunch at the buffet and then make the drive to Lake Havasu.  We had a lot of family anxiously awaiting our arrival!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Harry the Bunny

We have an outdoor pet who comes to visit our house every night.  We have named him Harry the Bunny after one of Brayden's favorite shows.
The kids watch for Harry every night and love when we throw out lettuce or carrots:
Zane has nicknamed Harry my "4th child" because I try to keep Harry fed and get concerned when he doesn't show up at night.  I guess he spread the word about free food because now he brings friends with him:
We really like having Harry the Bunny visit our house regularly!

Silly Boy in Big Sister's Swimsuit

Brayden was very proud of himself after he put on Ashlyn's swimsuit and dress: