Monday, September 15, 2014

Brayden's Birthday!

Mimi and Papi arrived a few days before our baby was scheduled to be born and we all enjoyed our time with them.  One of the first things we had to do was head to the store to pick up some groceries:
Ashlyn had a blast jogging with Mimi in the mornings:
We played with play-doh:
We went to some last minute doctor's appointments:
And then the big day finally arrived!!  Both Ashlyn and Bryson were up bright and early and Ashlyn was already getting her hair done by Mimi before Zane and I even left for the hospital:
We arrived and got all checked in:
After working hard and sticking me many times in an attempt to finally find a good vein for my IV (and even popping one of my veins in the process), they let the kids come back one at a time to visit for a little while before I was taken to the operating room.  Both of the kids were a little nervous seeing me with my IV and I think they were ready to just go sit with Mimi and Papi, but it was nice getting to see them:
Finally the time came and we were taken was baby time!!  This c-section seemed much different than my other two.  Maybe it was the many hours of labor/contractions before Bryson's delivery or the constant vomiting during Ashlyn's c-section, but things were just more relaxed with this operation.  I vividly remember the doctors/anesthesiologist discussing reality tv shows and local schools with Zane and I.  I remember the songs that were playing (one of Ashlyn's new favorites came on...Katy Perry's "Firework").  I remember Zane trying to sneak a picture of the surgery by taking a picture of the reflection in the window.  Ha ha!  I wasn't drifting in and out of sleep like I was with the other 2 kids.  I was very much awake this time and I like that I can remember it all.  Finally at 11:29 am, Brayden Luke made his appearance, weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and measuring 19 1/2 inches long.  All I kept hearing from the doctors was that he peed all over me as they pulled him out and they were waiting to weigh him because he just wouldn't stop peeing.  Crazy boy had a full bladder!
Mimi, Papi, Bryson, and Ashlyn had been in the waiting room for many hours and by the time I got to recovery it was well past lunch time so the nurse let them each come back to the recovery room, one at a time, to meet Brayden before they left to eat lunch.
We finally got settled into our room and just relaxed.  Brayden got his first bath and we spent our first day taking lots of pictures and snuggling with Brayden, visiting with friends, watching tv, etc.
Mimi and Papi brought Bryson and Ashlyn up each morning to see/hold Brayden.  They loved it!!
Ashlyn has been wanting to her hair cut so she was so proud to show me her new haircut that Mimi took her to get.  She looks so grown up and loves her shorter hair!!

Each time Bryson and Ashlyn came to the hospital, they held Brayden for a while then went somewhere fun with Zane while Mimi and Papi stayed with Brayden and me.  They loved getting to go to Chuck E. Cheese with Daddy!
They also got to see a 3D movie and eat some McDonalds with Zane another day.  They loved this special time with Daddy:
After spending a few days in the hospital, it was finally time to come home!!
We are so happy to have Brayden in our family and are grateful to everyone who helped us make the transition easier!  We really enjoyed having Mimi and Papi here and loved that they were willing to help us with Bryson and Ashlyn.  The kids had a blast eating out, getting donuts, making cookies, jogging, watching sports, playing, etc. with Mimi and Papi!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Days as a Family of 4!

Knowing that things would be getting very busy with the arrival of a new baby, we tried to spend some days with Bryson and Ashlyn.
 Both kids have become pros at making countdown chains for any big event in our lives so the arrival of Mimi, Papi, and a brother needed chains:
I got to spend an evening celebrating our baby with the girls from my small group:
We spent our last weekend taking each kid out for a fun activity.  Bryson and Zane went to eat dinner, then went to the races:
 They were on their way home and happened to be passing the Mudcats Stadium just as the Mudcats were shooting off fireworks for 4th of July weekend.  Zane pulled over, got out some chairs, and they enjoyed a fireworks show:
While the boys were at the races, Ashlyn picked Zaxby's for our dinner:
 Ashlyn has been wanting frozen yogurt for a long time so that was our next surprise in our evening:
 Shopping is always fun for girls so we also made a stop so Ashlyn could spend some of her piggy bank money on whatever she wanted.  She was very proud of everything she bought:
 Finally, we rented a movie and headed home to have fun with her new play-doh and play some Connect 4.
I think both kids really enjoyed their special evenings and I know Zane and I loved getting to spend some quality time with the kids!!