Friday, July 3, 2015

Bryson's Sunday School Paper

Bryson loves bringing home his papers from Sunday School.  Papers like this make me so happy because it reminds me of the great teachers he has...teachers who are patient, help him spell the correct words, and are willing to sit with him while he takes his time writing each letter.  :)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Brothers - Videos

These boys spend every day together while Zane and Ashlyn are at school.  It has been fun seeing them interact and build their relationship.  Bryson will spend time playing with Brayden or singing to him.  Sometimes Bryson gets in trouble for being in Brayden's face too much, but don't let Brayden fool you...many times he is the one bothering Bryson!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pictures in May

This is a fun assortment of pictures from the month of May!

Ashlyn was very excited to wear her new dress (from Mimi) for picture day!
Ashlyn has decided she loves using the weed eater while Zane mows...and Bryson likes to sit and watch:     :)
Brayden loves our evening walks, especially if he can hold onto Zane's cold drink!
Enjoying some nice weather on our back porch!
Bryson, Brayden, and I got to go visit Ashlyn at school when they had Field Day:
This sweet baby had a rough couple of days with fevers and just wanted to be held while sleeping.  Come to find out, he had hand, foot, mouth disease.  Poor boy!
Brayden's face in one of our favorite toys:
Bryson's face:
Bryson had some testing he had to have done, so Brayden and I played in the van while we waited.  I'm very thankful to have so much space in our vehicle!
Bryson and Brayden spend their mornings playing together while Ashlyn is at school:
Memorial Day Fun:
Silly boy:
Brayden is finally getting more hair.  Unfortunately, it is still wild and sticks up everywhere!  Luckily it's still pretty cute for a baby:
Meeting Smokey the Bear at a Mudcats game: