Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Warm Weather Fun

It is always nice to have a warm day show up in the middle of winter.  We got to introduce Brayden to the slide and swings in our backyard and also got to take a family walk!
This warm day was a great break from the cold weather and a relaxing afternoon spent outside!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mimi Comes/Tonsillectomy

Bryson had a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy scheduled for the beginning of January.  His doctor recommended this after Bryson had many cases of strep throat and throat infections along with many other issues the doctor thought this would help with (mouth breathing, snoring, trouble sleeping, etc.).  We were very excited that Mimi offered to fly out and help us during Bryson's surgery:
Brayden went right to Mimi and fell asleep in her arms before we even left the airport:
We had a few days to enjoy with Mimi before Bryson's surgery.  Mimi and some of her friends have been a huge help in getting Bryson the horse therapy he really loves and needs.  We were excited that Zane talked to Bryson's therapist and was able to switch therapy to a day Mimi would be able to come with us:
Mimi also got to spend some time teaching Ashlyn how to do a latch-hook rug.  Ashlyn caught on so fast and loved working on this!
Of course there was plenty of time to cuddle and play with Brayden as well:
Mimi made us lots of desserts and snacks, including my favorite...poppyseed rolls (and cherry rolls for Zane)!  Yum!!
Then surgery day came.  We left Mimi in charge of babysitting Brayden and dropping Ashlyn off at school while Zane and I took Bryson to the surgery center:
Bryson was very nervous but looking at pictures on my phone seemed to calm him down.  And the nurses and doctor joked around with him and made him feel very comfortable:
Bryson finally got taken back and Zane and I hung out in the waiting room for about an hour.  When they finally called us back to recovery, Bryson was not happy at all!  He was in pain and they couldn't get his coughing under control.  He didn't want the popsicles or juice or anything the nurses were trying to give him.  He just wanted to go home.  Luckily after a little while longer they got his breathing under control and we were able to leave!
Ice cream was his lunch choice:
Overall, Bryson did pretty well in healing.  He did have an allergic reaction to some meds and he was very sleepy a few days, but he still did great!
Once Bryson was feeling well, we decided to get some frozen yogurt at a new place near our town.  Ashlyn had chosen frozen yogurt for her birthday but they were closed that day so this made up for Ashlyn's birthday as well as helped Bryson's throat:
Peppa Pig just happened to make an appearance this day:
Finally, before Mimi left, we had to teach her some archery.  I think Mimi shot an arrow through everything in our garage EXCEPT the target (kidding...kind of....), but we all had some good laughs at her practicing:
We were so, so thankful that Mimi was here for this week of surgery and was so willing to help us!  Hopefully she is able to come back again real soon!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Horse Therapy Videos

Bryson was very excited to go to horse therapy today because he knew he was getting to ride Monty.  Mrs. Kim had promised him last session that he could ride Monty today and he never forgot.  Bryson worked hard on keeping his balance on the horse.  This first video is a little hard to see and hear because they are so far away, it was windy, plus I had a squirming baby in my arms, but I still love it!  Bryson is doing stretches (touching each foot, reaching for Monty's head, etc), all while maintaining his balance on the horse.  I love hearing how excited Mrs. Kim gets for him and seeing her high five him after each task.  After working on his balance, Mrs. Kim played Simon Says with Bryson so Bryson had to follow commands while riding on Monty.  He really enjoys working with Mrs. Kim and her husband:
Bryson also worked on the commands to get Monty to go and stop.  After learning these commands, he was able to play a game of Red Light, Green Light on Monty's back:
He enjoyed when Monty would walk over this bridge.  It made him feel tall and in charge!
I am so glad that Bryson loves horse therapy and that he benefits so much from it!