Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hockey and Basketball for Big Boys.......Milkshakes and Pizza for the Girls (and Brayden)

Ashlyn asked Zane if he was going to plan a boys night out with Bryson anytime soon so we could have some girl time (plus Brayden).  Zane was more than willing to find some tickets to go see the Dallas Mavericks one night and the Dallas Stars another night.  Bryson always loves his nights at games with his daddy!

Dallas Stars Hockey Game:
Mavericks Basketball Game:
Ashlyn usually gets to pick dinner and an activity while the boys are gone.  Sometimes she picks McDonald's and painting nails but both of these times she chose pizza for dinner, homemade milkshakes, and a movie at home.  Brayden loved all of these choices too!
We all enjoy these nights of individual time with the kids.

Decorating for Christmas

Brayden was sick over Thanksgiving Break, but that didn't prevent us from decorating for Christmas!!

One Muddy Boy