Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Warm Weather Walks

We have really been enjoying this warmer weather and we spend a lot of time walking outside.  Bryson and Ashlyn have always liked being outside and Brayden absolutely loves being in his stroller on a walk.  Bryson and I spend some afternoons taking Brayden on a walk around our neighborhood for "PE" time.  We will continue to take advantage of this beautiful Spring weather!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Duke Gardens and Time Out

This blog post might be picture overload for some, but captures great memories for us.  We took one Spring afternoon to go visit Duke Gardens in Durham.  I remember taking Bryson to these gardens a long time ago but I don't think we have been back with Ashlyn yet.  It was amazing!  There are so many different trails and I think we saw almost everything.  The weather was nice, the trees and flowers were blooming, and everyone was happy. We walked around for a long time with no fussing or whining at all!  Brayden even got a little nap during our walk.
When the sun started going down and we were getting hungry, we went to our second adventure.  We drove over to Chapel Hill for two different reasons.  The most try out a restaurant we had seen on tv.  We love cooking and food shows.  When we got Netflix, we all became addicted to Man Vs. Food.  In one episode, Adam visits Time Out (a chicken biscuit place in Chapel Hill) and Bryson kept saying we needed to try it.  Zane and I agreed so this was the perfect time:
We all really enjoyed the food!  It was definitely a fun experience.  After eating, we walked across the street to the UNC campus.  Bryson is the Tarheel fan of our family so we knew he would love being able to see their campus.
We had such a fun day traveling to nearby towns to explore!!