Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ashlyn Making Brayden Laugh - Videos

Ashlyn misses Brayden all day while she is at school.  She loves playing with him as soon as we pick her up and get home.  I am usually making dinner and I can just hear Brayden laughing hysterically.  Ashlyn has many different tricks to make him laugh.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Variety of Pictures from March/April

Ashlyn trapped a fish:
Brayden loves eating!!
Brayden getting advice from his big brother!:
Team Rivalry...NC State vs UNC:
Brayden finally started growing some hair!  Unfortunately it is one patch of hair that stands straight up, no matter what we do to it.  He even gets comments in public about his cute little bit of hair.  We like to call him Alfalfa (from Little Rascals) or triceratops:
About a month later, a little more hair started growing in.  Maybe one day it will lay flat on his head...
Play time with sister:
Such a cool boy:
When Brayden gets sleepy, he lets us know.  His thumb goes right in his mouth and he lays his head down wherever he can:
Brotherly Fun:
Bryson was very proud of this creation he made while we were on our walk:
Sweet boy got his two top teeth at 9 months old.  4 teeth total now!
Hardwood floors help with giving rides on comforters:
These two big kids were very proud to show off these weeds the pulled while playing outside:
More eating!:
Silly walkers:
Sleepy boy...but so happy even when we have to wake him up:

Monday, May 11, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a very laid back and enjoyable Easter this year (basically how we enjoy every holiday).  :)

Ashlyn and Brayden enjoyed playing with lots of empty eggs before I filled them with candy!
Brayden got to join in on the egg dying fun this year!  Bryson and Ashlyn look forward to this part of Easter every year!
Easter morning they woke up to fun surprises.  Then we went to church, grabbed a quick lunch, and came home to hunt eggs.  We ended up being so busy and missing all the local egg hunts this year, so Daddy hid a lot of eggs outside for the kids to find.  They loved it!
After all the eggs were found, we spent time playing outside and blowing bubbles, and then came inside for a yummy dinner!!  It was a great Easter day for our family!!