Saturday, September 20, 2014

Life with Brayden - Month 1

Life has become just a tad busier since adding another family member, but we've still had time to have fun and take pictures!
Every baby loves a good puppet show:
We enjoyed many meals eating out with Mimi and Papi.
Silly faces:
Brayden's first visit to Bryson's favorite restaurant...Carolina Ale House:
Sleepy Boy:
We took Brayden on his first walk while Mimi and Papi were here:
We also spent time decorating his nursery (pictures to come soon):
And lots of time just holding a sweet, newborn baby:
Big sister teaching him how to play 2048:
Definitely the best little brother!
Zane and I have two amazing big helpers:
These big helpers get rewarded with Pelican's SnoBalls:
Hanging out at home:
Ashlyn does a great job taking care of Brayden!  She easily puts him to sleep and loves getting the opportunity to carry him to Zane or me.  He loves being with her!
Bryson and Ashlyn love getting to take Brayden to new places:
He's such a sweet boy!
We love these 3 kids!!!