Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Days as a Family of 4!

Knowing that things would be getting very busy with the arrival of a new baby, we tried to spend some days with Bryson and Ashlyn.
 Both kids have become pros at making countdown chains for any big event in our lives so the arrival of Mimi, Papi, and a brother needed chains:
I got to spend an evening celebrating our baby with the girls from my small group:
We spent our last weekend taking each kid out for a fun activity.  Bryson and Zane went to eat dinner, then went to the races:
 They were on their way home and happened to be passing the Mudcats Stadium just as the Mudcats were shooting off fireworks for 4th of July weekend.  Zane pulled over, got out some chairs, and they enjoyed a fireworks show:
While the boys were at the races, Ashlyn picked Zaxby's for our dinner:
 Ashlyn has been wanting frozen yogurt for a long time so that was our next surprise in our evening:
 Shopping is always fun for girls so we also made a stop so Ashlyn could spend some of her piggy bank money on whatever she wanted.  She was very proud of everything she bought:
 Finally, we rented a movie and headed home to have fun with her new play-doh and play some Connect 4.
I think both kids really enjoyed their special evenings and I know Zane and I loved getting to spend some quality time with the kids!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Baseball Game with Friends

One morning, after Bryson's baseball game, we had a baseball game of our own.  Our friends, who had come to watch Bryson's game, stayed and we let all the kids (and adults) play some baseball of their own.
What a fun way to wear our kids out and enjoy time with friends!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Dream League Baseball

Bryson had another successful baseball season.  He just loves playing the game and loves reenacting what he sees the professional players do on ESPN.  Ashlyn also looked forward to every Saturday because it meant she got to spend a whole hour playing on the playground right next to the baseball field.
 This is how Bryson "slid" into base every single a very slow motion fashion:
Getting some Sonic drinks with some friends after one of his games:
Wool E. Bull showed up to pass out trophies during the final game of the season:
 Getting Wool E. Bull's autograph on his hat:
Bryson and one of his buddies:
He is already looking forward to playing again next year!!