Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Winter

What else did we do to enjoy the last of our winter days?

Ashlyn has been busy making bracelets:
And learning to play dominoes with Daddy:
We've been to quite a few movies.  This might be one of our family's favorite activities:
Ashlyn lost her first tooth!!
We enjoyed a rare, warm day where the kids played with the new badminton game Bryson bought with some of his birthday money:
Ashlyn got to have a spur of the moment date night with Daddy:
Nice days were spent outside in the front yard:
We found a new favorite place to eat!  Bryson kept telling us about a deal on Groupon that he wanted to buy.  We finally looked into it, bought it, and now love eating arepas at this Venezuelan restaurant:
I even attempted to make arepas at home one night and we were all pretty impressed!
We had our small group over to watch the Super Bowl and we enjoyed lots of good food!!
Valentine's Day was celebrated with heart shaped eggs, biscuits, and bacon along with a tulip shaped cheese slice for Ashlyn.   :)
And our Valentine's Dinner was spent at Texas Roadhouse.
We spent many weekends driving to Trader Joe's to do some grocery shopping and enjoyed our first experience at this burger place right by Trader Joe's.
The kids got to enjoy a work day at school with Daddy.  They love getting to go to his classroom:
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with some green (spinach) pancakes which were a big hit with the kids!:
And finally, with only 2 days left of Winter, we celebrated my 31st birthday!  My birthday ended up being a very rare icy day which canceled school.  This was fun because Zane woke up and made us a big, birthday breakfast of eggs, hash browns, and sausage while Ashlyn decorated the mirror for me just like I do for their birthdays.  :)

 I enjoyed spending my birthday with my family and the perfect way to end the day was with the chocolate chip paradise pie that Zane makes me every year.  Yum!!
We have had a winter full of lots of fun times but were still very excited for Spring to arrive!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Strep throat is never fun...

As mentioned earlier, Bryson got strep the day before his birthday.  Zane, Bryson, and I all suffered with strep throat last February so while we hated that he had to endure that terrible pain again, we were pretty happy when Bryson got through his 10 days of antibiotics this year with no one else catching strep.  We thought we were in clear...but we were wrong.

Just 3 days after Bryson finished his antibiotics, I got put on some for strep throat.  The very next night, Ashlyn climbed in bed and fell asleep really, really early.  She had been complaining that her stomach was hurting which was a little worrisome since my kids usually throw up with strep throat:
We knew she wasn't feeling well and threw up a few times in the night so the next morning I took her to the doctor and sure enough, she tested positive for strep.  We waited on her antibiotics, grabbed some lunch to take home, and rented a movie for the kids to have a calm, quiet afternoon at home:
After about 5 minutes, Ashlyn was sound asleep:
Sure enough, as the day went on, Bryson started complaining about his throat again.  I was almost positive that there was no way that he had strep throat again.  Ashlyn and I just continued to tease him that he was in big trouble because he gave us strep.  :)

When Zane got home, Bryson still wasn't feeling well so Ashlyn and I stayed home to rest while Zane took Bryson to Urgent Care.
A little while later I got a phone call from Zane but it was Bryson on the phone saying that Ashlyn and I were in big trouble because we had given him strep throat.  Poor boy caught a second round of strep!  The doctor said that Bryson's earlier antibiotic just didn't kill all of the strep so he prescribed him a stronger one this time.  Zane took Bryson to enjoy some ice cream while they waited for his medicine to be filled:
Our days were filled with popsicles, pudding, temperature checks, antibiotics, and ended in new toothbrushes!
Luckily Zane never caught this strep throat and we were very happy to finally get it out of our house for good!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bryson's 8th Birthday!

Bryson had been counting down the days until his birthday and was so excited to be turning 8!  Unforuntately the day before his birthday he started telling me his throat hurt.  I tried to ask him more questions to figure out if it was maybe just a cold or something bigger.  When Bryson didn't eat very well at dinner and started acting like he felt miserable, we decided we should probably take him somewhere.  Sure enough...strep throat!
Thankfully we got to the pharmacy just in time to get his prescription before they closed.   He was sad to be sick the night before his birthday but we still made sure to decorate the house for him while he slept and try to make his birthday the best we could!
We started the morning with some donuts that Bryson requested:
Zane and Ashlyn had to go to school but Bryson and I still enjoyed the day.  We had some sweet friends who were brave enough to still go out to eat for lunch with us even with the strep throat.  They surprised Bryson by showing up to the restaurant with balloons and a gift.  This definitely made Bryson feel special!

When Zane and Ashlyn got home from school we decided it was time to have some cake and open presents!
Ashlyn was sweet to help him blow out the candles when he was having trouble:
Bryson is very into soccer lately.  He has his favorite team and players and we were so excited to see this cake at the store.  We had plans to buy an ice cream cake but this one turned out to be perfect for him!!
Zane and I loved watching him open his gifts.  He is usually the happiest boy and it's so funny to see how excited he can get over every single gift!

Ashlyn helped Zane pick this game out for Bryson so she was just as excited to watch him open it as he was to open the gift:
This was another gift that Ashlyn was excited to see him open since she had picked this Despicable Me shirt out for him:
Ashlyn surprised us all when she brought out this gift for Bryson.  She had just received this dollar for losing a tooth:
Bryson picked Olive Garden for dinner and we were so happy that he was feeling better and was still able to enjoy his 8th birthday!!