Friday, April 29, 2016

A Trip to the New Dentist

The kids were due for their teeth cleaning so we had to schedule some appointments with a new dentist here in Texas.  They loved the room right outside of the waiting room that had a playground, mini movie theater, and video games for them to enjoy before their appointment.
Bryson was very nervous and had a lot of anxiety so Ashlyn went first with no fear!
All 3 kids did great and we only had one tiny cavity that Ashlyn needed filled.  This was her very first cavity (really the first one from any of our kids) but she was awesome and it was so small that she didn't even need any numbing medicine.
When we were in the waiting room, I noticed that they were calling kids with a Prince or Princess title (ex. Princess Ashlyn) when it was their turn to be seen. After all 3 kids were done, they led us into a room where they all got a balloon and got crowned/promoted to Kings and Queen.  They got goody bags with dental items, cookies (seemed funny to get cookies right after a cleaning but they loved it), and they had pizza too!
The fun atmosphere definitely made it an enjoyable experience for the kids and hopefully they will be happy about returning next time!

Simba in Shoes

Silly Brayden thinks that his toys need shoes too!

Bryson Makes Broccoli Slaw

Bryson learned a new recipe at school that he loved and was so excited to make at home for all of us.  It was really good!  I love that he is learning simple, easy recipes that he can share with us!